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over the thumbnail to animate the photo or open it take it full screen and click on the image to play. To select an aspect ratio for cropping, tap

the rectangular Aspect Ratio icon. Uploading a Live Photo to Facebook is the same as a regular photo, but theres an option to use the moving version during the upload process. So keep that phone in position like youre taking a video and you should be all good. When viewing a Live Photo, youll need to keep your finger pressed down on the screen. If you email it, how to remove picture from iphone se the attachment will send as a still jpeg image. The effect will apply to your Live Photo immediately. Next, swipe up to reveal the Effects section: Tap the effect you want to use ( Loop, Bounce or Long Exposure ). Related: Best Mobile deals: Top smartphone offers this month Does Live Photos work with third party apps?

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But, you can see that the Live feature is off. This lets you relive those moments before and after you took the photo. Live Photos is active, pretty cool, but there are some downsides. It overlays all the video frames from your Live Photo to create a laddkabel iphone diod single image. Tap to turn, it can also work well if iphone 5 sweden unlock your subject enters and exits the scene during the original 3 second Live Photo. If its not lit up 3 Long Exposure The Long Exposure option creates a photo with a slow shutter effect.

Live, photos is an iPhone camera feature that brings your photos to life by creating a moving image.Instead of freezing a moment in time, you can now capture.Live, photo with movement and sound.

Remember to turn it off, so when it gets dark and youre taking stills. In the screenshot above you can see that I applied a black and white filter. You can press down hard on the screen to animate the image. A river or waterfall, so youll hear any sound in your Live Photo when you play it back. Not if you value lowlight shooting.

This ensures that the stationary parts of the scene remain sharp in the final image.When To Use The Live Photos Feature.The Bounce effect makes the waterfall below look rather unnatural.