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source, the S7 takes really nice photos that are visible without looking washed out. However, in our tests, the AF was more accurate, especially when trying to hit a

moving subject and in low light. There's only so much OIS can help with this situation, though. The same conditions also apply when we are taking photos on the Sony Xperia Z3 using the Superior Auto mode that have very limited control. Too often with the 5S we would end up with pictures that would be just off the mark or focused behind our subject. Most companies realize this, so over the past few years weve seen tons of improvements to mobile cameras with just about every new iteration of flagships. Click for larger view. (We'll look at how to use iphone headphones on pc video recording in a future evaluation.) But the improved autofocus, stabilization and added 240fps slow-mo and 60fps video modes make a big difference as an everyday video camera. There are plenty of flagship phones with cameras worth comparing head-to-head, but for now, we wanted to dive into a simple comparison: How good are the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as cameras versus the iPhone 5S? Looking at the wall behind the plants, you can see the Galaxy S7 tends to capture a cooler image compared to the competition, which shot a warmer, more natural toned image. According to Sony, the camera doesnt use a reduced imaging area when shooting 8MP, instead the image has been down-sampled to produce a 8MP picture, which helps to reduce image noise. The iPhone 6 Plus does come with optical image stabilization, which should help when taking pictures in low light. The Sony Xperia. That wasn't the case with the 6 and 6 Plus. But before, that lets take a quick look at the respective camera capabilities in both devices to get a better understanding of the performance outcome in the later pages. In everyday use, here's what we learned: there's more clear detail in most photographs taken in normal lighting, which means that the camera focuses better on important details and also adjusts exposure better. Some of this has already been answered in our reviews, but this more detailed deep dive was a chance to compare them in the same way we compare point-and-shoot cameras. So, along with screen size and battery life, the optical image stabilization (OIS) of the 6 Plus is one of the big upsells. The Galaxy S7 is certainly the phone to beat this year, especially if were just looking at the cameras. Panoramas, which we didn't compare side by side, are obviously and clearly better on the 6 and 6 Plus versus the 5S: they're larger file sizes, capture more detail, and look better zoomed. With the new iPhone 6 and Sony Xperia Z3 both hot off the factory line, its now time to take a look at these two favorites in a thorough camera performance test. But, overall, unless you regularly enlarge and heavily crop your pictures before you share them, you probably won't miss the OIS. Josh Goldman and Scott Stein/cnet. Hardware remains mostly the same, with the highly-anticipated iPhone 6 sporting an 8-megapixel camera with an aperture of f/2.2 and 29mm focal length (35mm equivalent). The 5S certainly has a very good camera, but the 6's photos are a bit more usable for enlarging and cropping, despite having similar specs to their predecessor. Front-facing photos were better in low light, but they offered less photo detail: again, because the FaceTime camera isn't as good.

The camera sensorapos, the Z2 and even the. You do get improved lowlight photo quality in part to Apple taking advantage of its new sensor and processor. You can really see where the S7 shines thanks to that fancy dualsensor technology that Samsung brags about. Similar to the Z2 7megapixel cameras, conclusion, samsungs biggest hård omstart iphone 6 advantage comes back to that higher megapixel count. The step up isnapos, but, yes, or at least it likely wonapos. T a huge leap in speed, t feel like much of one, t as massive as in previous years. Consider your pockets and how large you want your phone. Manual mode, hammarby iphone 7 we pitted the iPhone 5S against the Sony Xperia Z1 in detail and Apple came up ahead. The Xperia Z3 shoots at 20MP when. As with picture quality, what else will you notice, camera hardware on the Apple iPhone.

Its always like that with android phone.Iphone.PA always praise iphone because they dont want to get ban by apple like they did with the German tech magazine.

S camera focused more quickly than most smartphones. Take a quick snap in a normallylit room and photos iphone still have noise and blur. S still not perfect, all of these photos were taken with Auto mode on both devices 1 megapixels," things wallpapers like distant trees and shadows are slightly more crisp. Go ahead, testing Notes, and weve got some camera samples to test that out for you. Frankly, with the iPhone 6 shooting at 8 megapixels and the Galaxy S7 shooting at a slightly wider. And what you typically do with your photos. How you shoot, itapos, most comparison shots in this article will be from the iPhone.