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performance of the case was outstanding. We tested the Odoyo PowerShell, but ultimately cant recommend. The battery lasted for many hours on a single charge and its worth noting

again the insanely fast time it takes to charge your phone right back. We saw a few very intriguing offers at CES that will hit the stores soon, though, that's why we are listing some of the best battery cases that can double the mileage out of your iPhone 5 and more, in the slideshow below, so check. Our complaints about the offgrids case construction still stand in this instancethe small prongs that keep this case attached seem liable to break off at a moments notice, iphone not to mention the case itself is extremely difficult to remove. Im talking 3/4 full. When it comes to battery-boosting cases for the iPhone we all know they are far from perfect and most of the time, too bulky. Unfortunately, the recessions on the Meridian that give you access to the volume, vibrate, and Sleep/Wake buttons are deep, so operating them takes a bit of reaching, which iLounge found in its review as well. However, whereas the Lenmars top piece is flimsy and, in our staffs experience, prone to breakage, the PhoneSuits is sturdy and thick. In order to make the case long enough to reach the Lightning connector at the bottom, manufacturers will always add just a bit of extra length, and that will get in the way of the headphone jack. The exterior of the PowerSkin is made out of a simple flexible silicon material and has the same size (1500mAh) battery inside the case as most battery packed cases. But even with a better case, we cant recommend spending for wireless charging, especially considering that the pad lacks true induction charging (it uses plus two metal contacts on the back to attach to the pad for charging). This feature was very easy on the eyes and could be read in any light settings. While the Mophies thickness is spread throughout the phones length, the Lenmar case feels nicely balanced, especially while youre navigating menus or holding the encased phone up to your ear for a call. The Odoyo uses many very bright LEDs to indicate power level. But in searching reviews and speaking with Lenmar, weve come to believe this is a rare but unfortunate issueand if it should happen to you, we urge you to contact Lenmar for a replacement.

The Lenmar is cheaper and has more power. Because Mophies battery cases are secured by two almost equally meaty sections of battery the Meridian has a bottom battery section with a plastic top theyre more durable 300 mAh unit, it charges your phone extremely quickly. After that, taking only 14 minutes to charge an iPhone 5 from 40 to 60 percent battery life. Being iphone 5 battery case reviews designed for the iPhone 55s is good. Frankly, in short, similarly, we looked at reviews on sites like iLounge and PCMag. Making it one of the sites two highestrated iPhone 5 battery cases. Longer than most Ive seen, requiring an often crappy extender to use headphones with any other jack shape besides straight. We also appreciate the Lenmar Meridians snug fit and ergonomics.

The Best iPhone, sE, 5s, and 5 Battery Case.Updated June 24, 2016.We found few reviews of iPhone 5 battery cases, but iLounge has the largest assessment, and its one of our trusted sources for iPhone gear.

If this LED was drawing 20 mAh over the eighthour test period. We initially liked the Jackery Leaf. Despite its many good qualities, since the PowerSkin felt great in the hand charger by itself. Flaws but not dealbreakers, simple design will bring top performance to the table as well. But were not convinced either strength makes it better than the Meridian. Which would only serve to boost their evaluation. And the price has only gone down since the time of review. What the NuCharge lacks in raw power it makes up for in versatility and ergonomics. To justify the higher price tag it had at its debut.

With the Lenmar, thats easywith the PhoneSuit, not so much.As one Amazon reviewer puts it, I feel like I am going to break the case every time I attempt.Besides Mophies lineup, the iKit NuCharge is the biggest competitor to the Lenmar Meridian.