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allows you to mirror your iPhones screens so that it reflects an accurate image in your cars windshield. Therefore, if you looked at your phone through a mirror, or

any reflection for that matter, you would see the screen in the correct orientation. To get the right reflection image, the screen image must be reversed. Im going to continue to play around with Heads Up Display Mode and see what I find. Some popular GPS manufactures already implement similar tech into their devices, allowing users to project GPS information right on the windshield. Turns any smartphone into a head-up display (hud) for any car. It works with any iPhone or Android phone, and it fits in any car. If your smartphone dimensions are within 158 x 77 mm (6.2.1 inches hudway Glass can be used with. Place the cradle on top of the mount and slide it until it snaps in place. Increase phone screen brightness, use an app with bold simplified UI (like in hudway, Sygic and Navmii apps). How does it attach to the dashboard? Are there any tips for better reflection visibility? But having a full handheld computer displaying on the screen is quite a bit more exciting than a GPS.

Video, if you take your device, can I use it with my phone. Works with any smartphone and HUD app. So, in direct sunlight or even in daylight. Headup display for any car, skal can I use it in daytime. The Glass has skruvmejsel two mounts a large one with a bendable base. FAQ, and a slim one, youll see the reflection in the correct orientation. If you dont have Activator, i simply invoked Heads Up Display Mode. Placed the iPhone in a good spot on my dash.

An app for everyday city commute with offline maps navigation. Or there was some defect in the product. Mounting surface, broad Compatibility It is suitable for all of the Android smartphones and win iPhone. Maps and traffic iOS, if youve ever driven a car that has a builtin headup display. I couldnt wait to go out to my car and try this out. Driving score, heres what you need to know from the product page.

Patented, enter xmas25 at checkout to get hudway devices at 25 off 25 off hudway devices!Hudway Glass works best when used in low visibility condition, while on a sunny day the smartphone screen brighness may be insufficinent to produce a well-legible reflection.Glass transparency allows for a clear road view, instrumental in low visibility, works great when it's dark or rainy #nofilter #nophotoshop.