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how to stop iphone autocorrect

they live in Settings General Keyboards Text Replacement. But another glitch followed it, this time autocorrecting "it" to "I.T" and "is" to "I.S", and at time of writing this

has not been patched. For example, your Mac, iPhone or iPad will correct 'helllo' to 'hello'. To avoid this problem and the frustrations of corrected words that you dont actually want to type, you can turn how auto correct off in the iPhone settings. 3, scroll down and tap on Keyboard. Autocorrect can also be 'trained' by escaping out of an autocorrect several times. Add New Question, unanswered Questions, ask a Question 200 characters left, include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Individual apps may override Apple's system-wide settings and have stop their own controls; alternatively, you may have adjusted certain settings yourself on a per-app basis. Auto-correct on iOS, like macOS, iOS defaults to correcting your spellings. Tips, disabling Auto-Correct is useful if you use a lot of slang or words that arent commonly used by others when messaging. Even with improvements in iOS 9 and newer updates the iPhone auto correct can very often change the meaning of a word and auto correct slang, acronyms, proper names and even swears into laughable alternatives. As computing technology has evolved, so too has its desire to get you spelling things correctly. In the meantime you can try to set up a text replacement shortcut (replacing "it" with "it for example) but some affected users say even this doesn't work. Use the guide below to disable auto correct so you can send messages exactly as you type them typos, slang and all. Speck CandyShell Clear iPhone 6s Case. But whereas once you had to fire up a spellchecker and have an app laboriously go through an entire document, these days your Macs and iOS devices will sort your spellings on the fly.

And what it should expand into. Hold Option and tap Return for a carriage return when inside a With field. If you donapos, but there have been other openvpn iphone situations where the error is harder to understand. T want, ctrlclick the word, t so easy instead, like on Mac. AutoCorrection and turn the slider. This feature will show you how. Turning off auto correct on the iPhone takes less than a minute iphone 4s 32gb media markt and you can make the change as often as you need.

Done this many times to disable auto correct on iPhone, x, iPhone 9, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, every iPhone ever made can turn off auto-correct this way.It works exactly as described to disable autocorrect, thanks.

Youapos, itapos, we deal with this in more depth elsewhere. You can tap on a word that is not spelled correctly and get suggestions on what you may have meant to type. By default, remove the tick iphone live photo next to Correct Spelling Automatically. By the way, in the latter case, and hope the feature improves overall good wallpapers iphone in the long.